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Douglas Anderson
Copyright: Doug Anderson
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Story: Although I have a hard time choosing the favorite of my two Mänz pipes, this "freehand bulldog" has the slight edge, if only because it has specific custom elements that Cornelius was kind enough to include -- including the shape, the blast/smooth combination, and the pre-WWII English horn accent (which, in the right light, is nearly luminous). The engineering is, of course, impeccable, and I still marvel at how he can finesse such an open draw from such a whisper-thin bit. Because this pipe is not a clencher (the squat saucer shape of the bowl adds some heft, and rests satisfyingly in the hand) and because I'm terrified of losing or hurting it, this one stays at my home sweet home, where it is my favorite smoker. My other Mänz, however (a small, light sandblasted freehand), has traveled the world with me, including once to the plains of Texas, where it hooked up with a Mänz bamboo owned by the accomplished American carver Scott "Munkey" Anderson, for a memorable, impromptu
Mänz smoke-out.
Joachim Westermann
Copyright: Joachim Westermann
Year: 2010
Country: Germany
Story: Meine erste Pfeife des deutschen Pfeifenmachers Cornelius Mänz. Eine kleine Pfeife, ein richtiger Handschmeichler, von Größe und Volumen eine ideale Flake Pfeife. Hervorragende Verarbeitung, bin sehr begeistert von der Qualität dieser Pfeife, im besonderen von ihren Raucheigenschaften. Zum erstenmal mit dem Germains Medium Flake geraucht und das war wirklich ein Erlebnis der besonderen Art. Hervorragende Bohrung des Rauchkanals, bemerkenswert gut gearbeitetes Mundstück. War ein perfekter Rauchgenuß. Eines steht fest, dies wird nicht die einzige Pfeife von Cornelius Mänz in meiner Sammlung bleiben. Kann wirklich jedem Pfeifenraucher eine Pfeife dieses begnadeten Pfeifenmachers nur ans Herz legen.
Mehr Bilder und ein Video unter: -> pipecorner
Craig Mathis
Copyright: Craig Mathis
Year: 2007
Country: Italy
Story: I have, in the last year, become a big fan of Maenz pipes. They smoke beautifully. The craftsmanship and design are spectacular. They appeal to me instinctively. I now have four of them, and I am already anticipating the next! I have Leonardo and Cosimo at Al Pascia in Milan to thank for turning me on to these great pipes.
John E McCarthy
Copyright: Cornelius Bamboo
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Story: One of the first Cornelius pipes I own and my favorite. The bamboo was hand picked by Cornelius in a small garden in Italy. It smokes as well or better than any pipe I have ever owned.